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Sex Before Marriage Is Dangerous

Premarital sex is sex before marriage; both religion and cultures forbid sex outside wedlock. Most religions believe that sex was created by God for married couples. It was meant to bring pleasure and excitement to the couple. Most importantly, sex was created as a means of reproduction. Historically, traditional societies regarded sex as sacred and limited only to males and females within the institution of marriage. However, sex has become a norm to many unmarried teens and therefore the big question: is premarital sex-safe; physically and emotionally?

Sexual activity among young people is facilitated by many factors. These factors include: degree of parental influence in terms of supervision and disciplining, peer pleasure, individual religiosity, gender norms, media influence, and drug use or abuse, and possible abuse in the home by family members.

Sex before marriage has both emotional and physical effects. The emotional effects are mostly ignored by many; they affect our lives negatively in ways we don’t understand. After engaging in sex before marriage, many people convey feelings of distrust, embarrassment, guilt, resentment, lack of respect and tension.

In addition, sex before marriage has negative effects to one’s health. Sexually active unmarried teens are at risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections, unwanted pregnancies and potential emotional scaring from an immoral lifestyle of multiple partners. Undoubtedly, pregnancies outside marriage are very expensive as they are unplanned which can lead to mental depression. Sexually transmitted diseases contracted through intercourse such as HIV/AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea, Herpes, Genita hepatitis, chlamydia among many others can lead to infertility and even death.

Premarital sex also affects long term relationships. It is detrimental to the long term relationship as it stunts growth of important developments. Premarital partners are held up with parental responsibilities beyond their capability. Sex outside wedlock causes the premarital partners to lose their objectivity when searching for a potential life mate.

Premarital sex can also have a negative effect on academics. A majority of students who involve themselves in premarital sex miss classes and spend more time with the opposite sexes than they would have spent with their books. Sexually active students spend valuable time strategizing their next sexual conquest; this lowers academic performance.

Although some people will argue sexual activities before marriage have some benefits, the disadvantages far outweigh any advantages. Some people claim that they got their sexual skills during those teenage sexual escapades. But the verdict is in; premarital sex can be dangerous. If you have engaged in premarital sex and want a fresh start, please seek counseling services in your area.